Table 2

Characteristics of studies on determinants of physical activity and sedentary behaviour sorted by methodological quality score

First author (year)CountryAnalysed subject sizeMean age / age range at baseline (years)% FemaleFollow-up periodQuality score* (%)
Studies on child PA/SB
Taylor (2009)52New Zealand2043402 year80
Ball (2005)35Canada1358.2501 year70
Hesketh (2007)45Australia12785–10513.2 year70
Mattocks (2008)40GB545105211 year70
Pagani (2010)36Canada13140.5Unknown10 year67
Ziviani (2008)46Australia226–8592 year60
Bois (2005)48France1529.6551 year43
Davison (2005)27USA1739.31001 year40
Rhodes (2006)23Canada36411.2519 months30
Martin (2007)28USA47510.4516 months20
Studies on both child and adolescent PA/SB
Ball (2009)47Australia5425–12533 year80
Madsen (2009)21USA23799.510010 year45
Studies on adolescent PA/SB
Bélanger (2009)37Canada129312.8535 year70
Carrière (2005)38Canada143915–17Unknown2 year70
Knowles (2009)41GB15011.81001 year65
Raustorp (2007)51Sweden9712.7535 year60
Dowda (2007)29USA42113.61003 year46
Dishman (2009)30USA19513.61005 year40
Iannotti (2005)31USA1654.4Unknown13 year40
van Jaarsveld (2007)42GB522911435 year40
Murdey (2005)43GB8310–15481 year40
Taveras (2007)32USA108569–15594 year40
Kahn (2008)33USA1281211.5563 year30
Luszczynska (2010, c1)22China53413.8544 weeks30
Luszczynska (2010, c2)22Poland62016.56210 weeks30
Motl (2005)34USA63313.51001 year30
Raudsepp (2010)50Estonia23612.71001 year30
Crocker (2006)39Canada50114–151003 year25
de Bruijn (2006)49Netherlands22115.1604 months20
Dombrowski (2009)44GB15514.67210 days20
Hagger (2007)53GB, Hungary, Greece, Estonia, Singapore121813545 weeks20
  • * Quality score=% of positive ratings with respect to the total number of relevant items.

  • PA, physical activity; SB, sedentary behaviour.