Table 2

Vital signs and blood results of athletes on admission

OT group (N=14)IV group (N=14)p Value
SBP (mm Hg)110±11 (91–130)106±8 (89–115)0.21
DBP (mm Hg)68±9 (48–80)67±10 (48–80)0.86
Heart rate (bpm)81±10 (60–99)90±14 (42–102)0.79
Serum [Na+] (mmol/l)139±3 (135–147)141±5 (136–150)0.18
Plasma [glucose] (mmol/l)5.8±0.9 (4.6–8.0)5.8±1.2 (4.5–8.9)0.92
Axillary temperature (°C)*36.1±0.9 (34.8–37.5)35.9±0.5 (35.1–37.5)0.62
Pre–post-race body weight changes (%)−3.5±3.0 (−6.6–1.7)−2.2±4.9 (−4.9–5.1)0.62
  • Values are expressed as averages±SD with the range in parenthesis.

  • * Temperature was only documented in 14 athletes (six in the oral fluid and Trendelenburg position (OT) and eight in the intravenous fluid (IV) groups).

  • Relative weight change was only documented in 10 athletes (six in the OT and four in the IV groups).

  • DBP, diastolic blood pressure; SBP, systolic blood pressure.