Table 1

Relations between Walk Scores and categories of walkable amenities

Walkable amenitiesCorrelation with Walk Scorep Value
Food vendors (restaurants, coffee shops, bars)0.71<0.001
Grocery stores0.68<0.001
Movie theatres0.56<0.001
Fitness facilities0.66<0.001
Drug stores0.72<0.001
Retail (clothing, music, book, hardware stores)0.73<0.001
Total sum of walkable amenities0.74<0.001
  • This level of agreement is also presented pictorially in figure 2, which presents a clustering of walkable amenities in the more urban, population dense areas of Rhode Island. Consistently, there is also a clustering of the highest Walk Scores in this urban area with lower Walk Scores occurring in the more distal/rural areas.