Table 2


RefAuthor/journalYearStudy typePatientsOutcomeLOE
23Ogoh et al
J Physiol
2003Clinical trial14 menBaroreflex response to progressive depletion of central blood volume is attenuated in endurance training2
Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol
2000Controlled trial12 subjectsReduced baroreflex response coupled with a reduction in ability to increase heart rate may contribute to increased susceptibility to OI2
27Cheuvront et al
J Appl Physiol
2010Critical reviewNADehydration augments hyperthermia and reduced plasma volume, which accentuates cardiovascular strain3
28Wilson et al
Am J Physiol Regul Integr Com Physiol
2006Controlled trial15 menHeat stress decreases cerebral blood velocity and increases cerebral vascular resistance2
29Charkoudian et al
J Physiol
2003Controlled trial13 healthy subjectsExercise-induced dehydration leads to changes in baroreflex control of blood pressure2
30Holtzhausen et al
Med Sci Sports Exerc
1995Clinical trial31 runnersAll runners were volume depleted (average of 4.6% deficit), 68% developed asymptomatic EAPH, dehydration did not compromise cardiovascular status2
  • EAPH, exercise-associated postural hypotension; LOE, level of evidence; OI, orthostatic intolerance.