Table 5


RefAuthor/journalYearStudy typePatientsOutcomeLOE
42Journeay et al
Aviat Space Environ Med
2004Randomised controlled trial6 subjectsLower body positive pressure promoted restoration of haemodynamics1
43Anley et al
Br J Sports Med
2010Randomised controlled trial28 athletesEAPH was effectively treated with Trendelenburg positions and oral hydration1
44Davis and Fortney
Int J Sports Med
1997Controlled trial5 menFluid ingestion is an effective treatment for orthostatic intolerance2
45Durand et al
Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol
2004Randomised controlled trial8 subjectsSkin surface cooling is effective in improving orthostatic tolerance in otherwise normothermic individuals1
46Wilson et al
J Appl Physiol
2002Clinical trial9 subjectsSkin surface cooling may protect against orthostatic intolerance in heat stressed humans3
47Cui et al
Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol
2005Controlled trial9 subjectsSkin surface cooling induced an upward shift in central venous pressure2
48Privett et al
Clin J Sport Med
2010Controlled trial6 subjectsRunners who are prone to OI after exercise may reduce this risk by wearing compression stockings while running2
  • EAPH, exercise-associated postural hypotension; OI, orthostatic intolerance.