Table 2

Details and outcomes of SCA cases

PersonAgeSettingAED sourceTime to first shockCause of SCAOutcome
1Intercollegiate athlete21PracticeFirefighters8–10 minHypertrophic cardiomyopathyDied at the scene
2Spectator70On campusEMTNACoronary artery diseaseDied at the scene
3Retired faculty71Rec centreATC3 minPrevious cardiac history (likely CAD)Survived to hospital discharge
4Other attendee on campus50On campusPoliceNAUnknownUnknown
5Spectator62GameATC3 minUnknownDied in the emergency room
6Intercollegiate athlete27Rec centrePolice5–7 minMassive myocardial infarctionDied in the emergency room
7Campus staff member60Rec centrePolice1–2 minPrevious cardiac history (likely CAD)Died in the emergency room
8Spectator60GameATC1 minArrhythmiaSurvived to hospital discharge
9Student non-intercollegiate athlete20Rec centreATC3–4 minVentricular fibrillation (autopsy negative)Died in the emergency room
10Senior athlete80Swimming poolATC1.5 minPrevious cardiac history (likely CAD)Survived to hospital discharge
11Student non-intercollegiate athlete20IntramuralPolice5 minCardiomegalyDied at the scene
12Other attendee on campus54Rec centrePublic45 sMyocardial infarctionSurvived to hospital discharge
  • AED, automated external defibrillator; ATC, certified athletic trainer; CAD, coronary artery disease; EMT, emergency medical technician; Rec, recreation; SCA, sudden cardiac arrest.