Table 3

Risk communication: strategies developed by F-MARC

Communication formatInformation provided10
ConferencesFIFA International Football Medicine Conferences (4) in 2001 (Los Angeles); 2006 (Dusseldorf); 2009 (Zurich); 2010 (Sun City)
Journal supplementsF-MARC-sponsored Journal Supplements (11) containing 136 peer-reviewed research papers
Laymen publicationsLaymen publications (4) about nutrition, doping, female players and F-MARC research projects
ManualsF-MARC Manuals (3) covering Football Medicine,71 Emergency Medicine72 and F-MARC Research73 (also available in CD format and on FIFA web pages)
Medical Centres of ExcellenceMedical Centres of Excellence (24) based in 17 countries situated on six continents
Peer-reviewed research publicationsPeer-reviewed research papers (79), excluding papers published in F-MARC journal supplements
Posters11+ injury prevention programme
Training coursesFIFA Futuro III medical education training courses for sports physicians and physiotherapists presented on six continents
VideosF-MARC 11+ injury prevention programme; ambassador players promoting ‘11 for Health’ programme
WebsitesMedical Education and players' health on FIFA websites and extranet
  • CD, compact disc; FIFA, Fédération Internationale de Football Association; F-MARC, FIFA's Medical Assessment and Research Centre.