Table 6

Mean cost of intervention, indirect costs, physical activity gains and cost–effectiveness ratios (CERs) at 12 and 24 months by treatment group

Baseline to 12 months12 to 24 months
Intervention (N=544)Control (N=545)Difference at 12 monthsCER at 12 months* (sensitivity analyses)Intervention (N=544)Control (N=545)Difference at 24 monthsCER at 24 months* (sensitivity analyses)
Enhanced Green Prescription programme delivery costs (NZ$)93.680
Indirect costs (NZ$)553.85560.60–6.741078.701078.090.61
Total cost (NZ$) per participant647.53560.6086.941172.381078.0994.29
Increase in participants achieving 150 min/week (%)176 (32.4)102 (18.7)74 (13.6)NZ$686.94* (NZ$637.50) (NZ$674.84)152 (27.9)116 (21.3)36 (6.7)NZ$1407.29* (NZ$1416.39) (NZ$1493.17)
Mean no of minutes exercise achieved/week86.0052.7933.21NZ$2.6270.7759.8510.92NZ$8.64
  • * CER using programme costs only (ie, indirect costs not included).

  • CER if changes in indirect costs included.

  • CER if assuming no change in costs for missing cost values.