Table 5

Adjusted multiple logistic regression analyses of relationship between lower leg fractures and potential risk factors (N=113).

Variablesp ValueOR (95% CI: lower bound to upper bound)
 Alpine skiers2.65(1.47 to 4.80)
 Telemark skiers1.07(0.44 to 2.60)
Skiing ability<0.001
 Beginners2.50(1.61 to 3.85)
 <13 years1.00
 13–20 years0.24(0.14 to 0.41)
 >20 years0.09(0.05 to 0.15)
 Nordic skiers1.00
 Non-Nordic2.50(1.27 to 5.00)
Skiing instruction0.058
 Not attended0.64(0.41 to 1.02)
Rented equipment0.64
 Not rented1.00
 Rented1.12(0.77 to 1.79)
Helmet use0.73
 Non helmet1.00
 Helmet users0.90(0.50 to 1.63)
 Females0.80(0.52 to 1.23)
  • * Non-Nordic skiers are skiers and snowboarders from outside Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

  • Users with other equipment are excluded because there were few injuries in these groups.

  • Non-beginners are experts, good and intermediate skiers.