Table 1

Variables and categories used in the analysis form to describe the injury situation of each injury case

VisibilityGood, reduced, unsure
Snow conditionIcy, hard, soft, unsure
Weather conditionClear, foggy, snowy, unsure
Type of terrainFlat, medium, steep, flat to steep, steep to flat/compression, dosed, unsure
Piste conditionSmooth, rough/bumpy, changes frequently, unsure
Preceding the injury (one/two obstacles before the index frame)
Riding situationJumping, bank turning, giant slalom turn, riding on rollers, gliding/straight riding, unsure
If jumping, what typeSingle, double, triple jump, spines, step up, step down, table top, unsure
If turning, which phaseInitiation, middle, end, change of turns, change of turn to jump, change of turn to roller, unsure
Loss of controlYes, no, unsure
Gate contactYes, no, unsure
Security netYes, no, unsure
Is the rider riding an inappropriate course-lineYes, no, unsure
If yes, caused byTiming, opponent, inappropriate strategy, previous obstacle, unsure
Regains control from previous obstacleYes, no, unsure
TechniqueOn edge forward, on edge backward, flat loaded, unsure
BalanceIn balance, out of balance
Weight distributionEqually, mainly on leading leg, mainly on back leg, unsure
If jumping (questions in relation to the sketches)
Speed in relation to course settingHigh, normal, unsure
Speed influence of controlling the jumpYes, no, unsure
Course-line influence on the injuryYes, no, unsure
Technical error influence ability to control jumpYes, no, unsure
Any contactYes, no, unsure
Type of contactIntentional, unintentional, unsure
Influence on rider controlYes, no, already lost control, unsure
Influence on injuryYes, no, unsure
What is in contactBoard, trunk, arms, head/neck, unsure
Who causes contactInjured rider, opponent, unsure
Position of the rider who causes contactIn front, behind, beside, unsure, other please describe
Course at contactWide, narrow, unsure
Course of influence on contactYes, no, unsure
Attention (ie, what is the rider focusing on)Opponent, the piste, unsure, other please describe
Open questionPlease describe the rider situation leading to the injury in your own words