Table 4

Protective equipment associated with injury incidence: univariate results

FactorN*IRIRR95%CIp Value
Use of mouth guards0.07
 Not used28214.51.00
 Used58739.70.70(0.48 to 1.03)
Use of shin guards0.80
 Not used62289.81.00
 Used358.60.83(0.21 to 3.37)
Use of headgear0.03
 Not used44199.21.00
 Used184411.31.26(1.02 to 1.55)
Taping/strapping joints0.41
 Not used57299.71.00
 Used53411.61.14(0.84 to 1.56)
Use of padding shoulders0.02
 Not used45389.21.00
 Used172511.41.28(1.03 to 1.58)
  • * Number of player games.

  • p Value for the overall significance of the factor.

  • IR, incidence rate; IRR, injury rate ratio.