Table 2

Number of articles that studied injury prevention programmes for individual sports

Collision sportsContact sportsNon-contact sports
Football (n=20)Soccer (n=25)Cycling (n=14)
Rugby (n=15)Basketball (n=12)Running (n=7)
Alpine skiing/snowboarding* (n=8)Volleyball (n=6)Swimming, cricket, hurling, racquet sports (n=1 each)
Hockey (n=6)Baseball/softball (n=5)
Horseback riding, martial arts, bandy (n=1 each)Floorball, gymnastics (n=1 for each)
There were no injury prevention interventions for the following sports
 Bobsleigh, boxing, luge, rodeoFencing, field hockey, figure skating, judo, kayaking, lacrosse, netball, weightlifting, wrestlingArchery, badminton, curling, dance sports, golf, racquetball, rowing, sailing, shooting, squash, tennis, water polo
  • If a study examined more than one sport, it was counted under each sport.

  • * High risk of high-speed fall/collision with the surface of the hill.