Table 1

Baseline values for the treatment groups

Running programme (N=20)Running programme + focused ESWT (N=22)p Value
Sex (% male)35730.029
Weight (kg)68.5 (SD 8.6)74.2 (SD 10.1)NS
Length (cm)175.1 (SD 6.5)178.5 (SD 10.3)NS
Body mass index (kg/length in cm2)22.2 (SD 1.9)23.2 (SD 2.2)NS
Age (years)22.7 (SD 7.2)30.0 (SD 12.5)0.027
Days with symptoms189.3 (SD 339.8)629.2 (SD 761.1)0.022
Centimetres palpation pain on tibia11.7 (SD 4.5)11.3 (SD 6.4)NS
Metres run on treadmill without pain744.8 (SD 417.1)1329.6 (SD 562.9)0.001
  • ESWT, extracorporeal shockwave therapy; NS, not significantly different (p>0.05).