Table 2

The frequency and percentage of each theme with examples*

ThemeExample of tweetsNumber of themesPercentage of themes
Seeking explicit advice▶ ‘how do you know if you have a #concussion?’▶ ‘Yep. Pretty sure it's a concussion. What do I do? No sleeping, right?’191.4
Seeking or clarifying personal status▶ ‘aww..poor chrissyfish! still concussed?’
▶ ‘yikes! i sure hope it's not a concussion. :(’
Sharing personal information/situation▶ ‘Friday night I hit my head on a light panel made of wood inside our van. I have a mild-moderate concussion’
▶ ‘I hit it on a shelf, almost knocked myself out:/Concussion.. not fun’
▶ ‘got a slight concussion today *sigh*
Reporting signs and symptoms▶ ‘confession 5: ever since I got my concussion in grade 6, I don't remember much. like sometimes, i don't remember what i did the day before’
▶ ‘It's scary to think u'v had conversations when u haven't, walking into walls, n a throbbing head..apparently the fun parts of concussion’
Inferred management▶ ‘Not suppose to sleep after concussions:/even though they make u want 2 sleep. Cuz said to stay up for a couple more hours’
▶ ‘Go visit doctor Google. He diagnosed all 3 of my concussions this year before actual doctor’
News▶ ‘Concussion puts Doumit on disabled list - 07-23-2010
▶ ‘Seattle: Harsher language on concussions in new NFL poster
Advertising▶ ‘#concussions Dangers and long term impact of concussions and head injuries
▶ ‘Do you know anyone who has suffered a concussion? If yes, read this & share:
Downplay▶ ‘Concussion is way overrated. Steve Young seems just fine to me. ;-)’
▶ ‘ need 3 concussions in 3 weeks to be as cool as me’
Miscellaneous/irrelevant▶ ‘New single from head concussion records’
▶ ‘concussion’
▶ ‘My little concussed bird friend:D’
  • * All quotes presented verbatim.