Table 3

Associations of sociodemographic characteristics with amount of sedentary time misclassified as non-wear time (Algorithm 1)* in 148 accelerometer substudy participants of the Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study

Hours misclassified (%)
0<11 to <22 to <33+p
Age group0.174
 30–39 (n=17)64.27.313.85.59.2ref
 40–49 (n=39)748.
 50–59 (n=48)684.
 60+ (n=44)64.73.8198.34.20.923
 Women (n=86)686.216.14.75
 Men (n=62)68.54.415.46.65.1
Body mass index (kg/m2)0.048
 Normal/underweight <25 (n=45)
 Overweight/obese ≥25 (n=102)66.44.316.176.2
Employed full-time0.076
 Yes (n=81)
 No (n=67)724.9134.75.5
 High school or less (n=70)70.34.714.764.3
 Post high school (n=78)
Household income0.760
 >$1500/week (n=52)685.615.54.76.2
 ≤$1500/week or not reported (n=96)68.35.415.95.94.5
  • * Crude % of observed days with each level of misclassification, and p value for association (generalised estimating equations) and n participants (not days).

  • N=1 missing data for body mass index.