Table 2

The frequency (percentage of all 466 illnesses reported in affected systems) and the incidence (per 1000 player days) of illness in each system and for common specific diagnoses

SystemIllnessPercentage of all illnessesIncidence (per 1000 player days)
RespiratoryAll respiratory system illness (n=144)30.96.4 (5.5–7.3)
Acute upper respiratory tract infection (n=74)15.93.3 (2.8–3.8)
Allergic rhinitis (n=21)4.50.9 (0.8–1.1)
DigestiveAll digestive system illness (n=128)27.55.6 (4.9–6.6)
Infective gastro-enteritis (n=61)13.12.7 (2.3–3.2)
Non-infective gastro-enteritis (n=31)6.71.4 (1.1–1.7)
Skin and subcutaneous tissueAll skin and subcutaneous illness (n=105)22.54.6 (4.0–5.4)
Bacterial skin infection (n=44)9.41.9 (1.6–2.3)
Fungal skin infection (n=18)3.90.8 (0.6–1.0)
Viral skin infection (n=14)3.00.6 (0.5–0.8)
Allergic dermatitis (n=12)2.60.5 (0.4–0.6)
NervousAll nervous system illness (n=21)4.50.9 (0.8–1.1)
Headache (n=19)4.10.8 (0.7–1.0)
Mental or behaviouralAll mental or behavioural illness (n=20)4.30.9 (0.7–1.1)
Sleep disorder (n=18)3.90.8 (0.7–1.0)
Ears and mastoidAll ear and mastoid illness (n=16)3.40.7 (0.6–0.9)
Otitis externa or media (n=9)1.90.3 (0.2–0.4)
GenitourinaryAll genitourinary illness (n=13)2.80.6 (0.5–0.7)