Table 1

Coverage and response rate of the injury and illness surveillance system during IAAF World Athletics Championships.

Daegu 2011Berlin 20092Osaka 20071
Total number of countries201200200
Total number of registered athletes185119791980
Number of medical teams participating in the injury and illness surveillance (%)61(30.3)47(23.5)49(24.5)
Number of athletes covered (%)1512(81.7)1486(75.1)1660(84.0)
Comparisons with Daegu 2011 surveillanceχ2=24.5; p<0.001χ2=3.1; p=0.08
Number of report forms returned (response rate in %)515(93.8)382(90.3)333(76.0)
Comparisons with Daegu 2011 surveillanceχ2=4.1; p=0.04χ2=66.6; p<0.001