Table 4

Number of registered athletes, injuries and injury risk of different events

No. of registered athletes per disciplineNo. of injuries per disciplineNo. of time-loss injuries per disciplineInjury per 1000 registered athletesTime-loss injuries per 1000 registered athletes
100 m757411340146.740.553.30
200 m55417221127.348.836.424.4
400 m4138442397.6105.348.878.9
800 m4436351268.2138.922.755.6
4×100 m relay1181114103333.990.125.427.0
4×400 m relay87100884692.280.046.660.0
110 m/100 m hurdles32394825125.0205.162.5128.2
400 m hurdles*3438231158.878.929.426.3
1500 m393512632307.7171.476.957.1
3000 m steeplechase35334300114.390.900
5000 m41248453195.1166.7122.0125.0
10 000 m2119211195.252.647.652.6
20 km walk47509312191.560.021.340.0
50 km walk46660130.4130.4
Discus throw33244111121.241.730.341.7
Hammer throw35304120114.333.357.10
Javelin throw*37287530189.2178.681.10
Shot put28250100040.000
High jump19292413105.3137.952.6103.4
Pole vault29358533275.9142.9103.485.7
Long jump37368252216.255.6135.155.6
Triple jump32344212125.058.831.358.8
  • * Information on gender is missing for two injuries (one in 400 m hurdles and one in javelin throw).

  • Since some athletes competed in more than one discipline, this is not the sum of individual athletes.