Table 2

Meta-analyses results for strength at slower speeds

Muscle test (<110°/s)Pooled SMD95% CIZ valuepMean QI% score
Concentric eversion−0.055−0.18 to 0.2890.4570.64814.167
Concentric inversion−0.119−0.322 to 0.084−1.1510.25014.167
Concentric PF−0.103−0.356 to 0.15−0.7980.42514
Concentric DF−0.224−0.623 to 0.175−1.1010.27114
Eccentric Ev−0.062−0.425 to 0.241−0.5390.59014.2
Eccentric Inv−0.337−0.557 to −0.117−3.0030.003*14.2
Eccentric PF−0.187−0.669 to 0.296−0.7570.44913
Eccentric DF+0.020−0.462 to 0.5030.0830.93413
Concentric Ev/Inv ratio−0.101−0.688 to 0.487−0.3350.73713.75
Eccentric Ev/Inv ratio−0.353−0.708 to 0.003−1.9450.05213.67
Concentric DF/PF ratio−0.104−0.462 to 0.254−0.5680.57013.33
Eccentric DF/PF ratio−0.188−0.671 to 0.294−0.7650.44413
  • DF, dorsiflexion; Ev, eversion; Inv, inversion; PF, plantar flexion; QI, quality index; SMD, standardised mean difference.

  • * Reaches statistical significance at p<0.05.