Table 3

Meta-analysis results for strength at faster speeds

Muscle test (>110°/s)Pooled SMD95% CIZ valuepMean QI% score
Concentric eversion+0.108−0.145 to 0.3620.840.40115
Concentric inversion−0.215−0.468 to 0.039−1.6590.09715
Concentric plantarflexion+0.3720.092 to 0.6522.6050.009*15
Concentric dorsiflexion+0.149−0.129 to 0.4281.0520.29315
Eccentric eversion+0.027−0.401 to 0.347−0.1430.88615
Eccentric inversion−0.148−0.438 to 0.141−1.0030.31615
  • QI, quality index; SMD, standardised mean difference. * Reaches statistical significance at p<0.05.