Table 2

Data collected through the standardised injury classification form

1Date of injury
2Whether the injury was acute/overuse/not handball related
3Whether the injury was new/re-injury/exacerbation
4The location of the injury
5Whether the injury occurred during match or training
6Type of training
7Whether the injury occurred/was noticed during warm up, after warm up, after training
8Type of match
9Whether the injury occurred/was noticed during warm up/1.half/2.half
10Field position when the injury occurred
11How the injury occurred, and whether it was related with any contact with another player or object, during side cutting, during run
12Severity of the injury in the first week after registration
13Whether the injury led to medical attention
14If medical attention, if they had sought a doctor/physiotherapist/chiropractor/other
15Oral consent to collect medical records from medical staff