Table 1

Barriers to PA counselling

BarrierNumber of studiesReferences
Lack of time141014, 1624
Lack of knowledge/training in PA counselling810, 12, 13, 1619, 23
Lack of success with changing patient behaviour813, 14, 1618, 21, 23, 24
PA counselling not a priority/not relevant710,11,14,16,17,23,24
Lack of financial incentive/reimbursement for counselling510,14,18,20,21
Lack of counselling protocols510,12,15,20,21
Organisational barriers410,12,19,23
Lack of resources31921
Not enough evidence of benefits of PA211,16
Educational materials for patients insufficient218,23
Patients expect drug treatment118
Lifestyle is personal choice so counselling not appropriate116