Table 3

Do providers feel that it is their role to provide PA counselling?

StudyRole in PA Counselling
Bize et al10Physicians did not advocate referrals to a PA specialist or counsellor.
Buffart et al26Discussing the benefits of PA is part of the GP's role (92%, 99%, 98% agreement in 1997, 2000 and 2007, respectively.) Suggesting to patients ways to increase daily activity is part of GP role (91%, 98%, 98% agreement).
Goodman et al1989% of nurses agreed that nurses should be more involved in promoting PA.
Graham et al11Majority of GPs felt that PA promotion was part of their role as practitioners.
Steptoe et al2259% of GPs and 64.3% of nurses felt that nurses were the most appropriate to carry out health promotion (including PA counselling), although 70.2% of GPs felt that their job was not only to treat disease, but to act as a health educator.
Van der Ploeg et al27In 1997, 93% of GPs agreed that discussing the benefits of PA with patients is part of the GP's role. In 2000, 99% agreed with this statement. In 1997, 92% of GPs agreed that suggesting to patients ways to increase daily PA is part of the GP's role, and in 2000 97% agreed.
  • GP, general practitioner; PA, physical activity.