Table 2

Summary of results for hip arthroscopy without osteoplasty

Study characteristicsSample characteristicsEffect size at follow up
Paper (total score using Downs and Black appraisal)InterventionPathologySample sizeInclusion criteriaGenderAge (years)Duration of symptoms (months)Follow up (months)OutcomeEffect size (95% CI)Study conclusions (where effect size=ID)
Bardakos31 (19)Labral and chondral debridementLabral47Isolated CAM10F; 14M35NR12MHHSIDMHHS pre 55; post 77; improved 22 points
Burnett3(17)Labral debridement
Labral66Labral tear47F; 19M3821(2–156)16.4MHHSIDMHHS: pre 62; post 83; improved 21 points
Byrd51 (19)ArthroscopyLabral; other1735 (38 hips)NR17F; 18M3821 (1–156)24MHHSIDMHHS pre 57; post 85; improved 28 points
Byrd52 (15)Labral and chondral debridement
Labral; other6 748Dysplasia28F, 20M3429(2–180)27MHHSIDMHHS improved 27 points
Byrd53 (18)Other10Other623Ligamentum teres lesion14F; 9M282928.5(.5–144)MHHSIDMHHS pre 47; post 90; improved 43 points
Byrd54 (16)Labral and chondral debridementLabral; other4 726Labral tear13F; 13M46NR24MHHSIDMMHS pre 52; post 81; improved 29 points
Byrd55 (15)Labral and chondral debridementLabral; other1 4615Injury onset during sport4F; 11M31NR120MHHSIDMHHS pre 51, post 96; improved 45 points
Byrd56 (16)ArthroscopyLabral; other1 2 4650 (52 hips)Various disorders23F; 27M38NR120MHHSIDMHHS pre 56; post 81; improved 25 points
Freedman46 (15)ArthroscopyLabral24Labral tear13F; 11M37NR24MHHS
IDMHHS pre NR; post 70
Kamath50 (18)Labral and chondral debridement
Other9 12
Labral42Labral tear32F; 20M42NR58MHHSIDMHHS pre 56.8; post 80.4; improved 23.6 points
Kocher36 (15)Labral debridementLabral30Dancer with labral tear29F; 1M2020 (14.1–38)19.6MHHS5.46 (4.95 to 5.98)
Nepple30 (16)Labral and chondral debridementLabral; other7 823Cam lesion; labral tear11F; 12M37NR28MHHSIDMHHS pre 59.8; post 83.1; improved 23.3 points
Philippon4 47 (20)Other13Labral47Labral degeneration15F; 32M4737175018MHHSIDMHHS pre 62; post 85; improved 23 points
Prather35 (15)ArthroscopyLabral; other7 8130Early intra-articular disorders93F; 37M31NR15.9MHHS3.12 (2.87 to 3.36)
Streich48 (18)Labral and chondral debridementLabral50Labral tear without FAI, dysplasia29F; 21M33NR34MHHS
IDMHHS pre 59.8; post 72.2 improved 12.4 points
VAS pre 6; post 4; improved 2 points
Yamamoto32 (14)Labral debridementLabral; other210Labral tear and dysplasia10F33NR8HHSIDHHS pre 64.5; post 92.5; improved 28 points
  • Mean (SD).

  • Range.

  • 1Osteoarthritis;2dysplasia;3Perthes disease;4avascular necrosis;5synovitis;4synovial chondromatosis;6ligamentum teres;7chondropathy;8FAI;9microfracture;10LT debridement;11removal loose bodies;12labral repair;13labral reconstruction.

  • F, female; FAI, femoro-acetabular impingement; HHS, Harris hip score (score range 0–100 points, 100 points=best possible outcome); ID, insufficient data; M, male; MHHS, modified Harris hip score (score range 0–100 points, 100 points=best possible outcome); NR, not reported; VAS, visual analogue scale (score range 0–10 points, 0 points=best possible outcome).