Table 2

CONcheck items

CONcheck #CONcheck item descriptor
1Concussion may be caused by direct or indirect forces.
2Loss of consciousness is NOT an essential factor for diagnosis of
3An individual with concussion may have one or more of the
following: symptoms, physical signs, impaired brain function or
abnormal behaviour.
4An athlete suspected of concussion must be removed from play
immediately and rest until symptoms subside.
5Consultation with a doctor is essential after suspected concussion.
6An athlete with suspected concussion must not be allowed to
return-to-play on the same day.
7Individuals with concussion should not be left alone after their
injury and should be monitored for several hours.
8Any worsening of symptoms mean an individual must seek assistance
from hospital.
9A graded return-to-play protocol must be followed prior to resumption
of full sporting activity.
10Medical clearance must be sought prior to return-to-play.
11An athlete must be symptom-free at rest and with exercise prior to