Table 3

Website details, readability and HONcode

WebsiteURLSourceHONcode presentInfo from PDFReference to CIS Statement*-Zurich/Prague
All About Traumatic Brain
Injury SearchNO
American Family Physician SearchNO
BBC Health SearchYES
Brain Injury Association of New Jerseyhttp://www.sportsconcussion.comGoogle SearchNOX
Brain Injury Association of New Zealand SearchNO
Brain Injury Resource Centre SearchNO
Caring for Kids SearchYES
eMedicineHealth.com SearchYES
Family Doctor.Org SearchYES
Heads Up SearchYESXZurich
Mayo Clinic SearchNO
Medic8 SearchYES
Medicine.net SearchYES
MedlinePlus SearchYES
Netdoctor SearchYES
Science Daily SearchNO
Sports Concussion Institutehttp://www.concussiontreatment.comGoogle SearchNO
Sports Concussion South Africa SearchNOXZurich & Prague
Teens Health SearchYES
WebMD SearchYES
Wikipedia SearchNO
Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) KnowledgeNOX
Brain Injury Association of Canada KnowledgeNOX
Brain Injury Association-USAhttp://www.biausa.orgPrior KnowledgeNO
Brain Injury Australia KnowledgeNO
Brainline KnowledgeNO
GoogleHealth KnowledgeNO
Headway KnowledgeNOX
KidsHealth KnowledgeYES
Moms Team KnowledgeNOXZurich & Prague
Think First Canada KnowledgeNOXZurich
YahooHealth KnowledgeNO
Australian Rules Football Sports FederationsNOX
Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Sports FederationsNO
Federation Internationale de L'Automobile (FIA) Sports FederationsNO
International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Sports FederationsNOXPrague
International Olympic Committee (IOC) Sports FederationsNO
International Rugby Board (IRB) Sports FederationsNO
World Boxing Council (WBC) Sports FederationsNO
Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics SampleNO
Cogstate Sport SampleNO
Headminder SampleYES
ImPACThttp://www.impacttest.comIndustry SampleNO
  • *'Zurich'=2008 consensus statement, Zurich,2 'Prague'=2004 summary and agreement statement, Prague.1