Table 2A

The incidence of all illness (per 1000 player-days) (95% CI in brackets) in the South African and New Zealand teams following travel to international locations (n=team-days)

 South African teamsNew Zealand teams
Baseline (home country)15610.0 (5.0 to 19.7)13427.6 (12.1 to 59.6)
Travel to Australia74**24.3 (12.5 to 46.6)a24*24.1 (10.0 to 25.7)
Travel to New Zealand72**19.9 (10.2 to 38.8)a
Travel to South Africa6451.1 (23.6 to 11.0)a
Return (home country)1955.8 (2.9 to 11.5)b6917.1 (7.4 to 39.0)b
  • ap<0.002 vs baseline.

  • bp<0.001 vs a, but p>0.01 vs baseline.

  • * and ** refer to team-days and is discussed in the text.