Table 2B

The incidence of all illness (per 1000 player-days) (95% CI in brackets) in the South African and New Zealand teams following travel (>5 h time zone difference) in an east to west and west to east direction (n=team-days)

BaselineEast to westWest to east
New Zealand teams14528.7 (12.7 to 63.6)6451.1 (23.6 to 11.0)a8216.4 (7.0 to 37.8)
South African teams15610.0 (5.0 to 19.9)1465.8 (2.9 to 11.6)19522.1 (11.5 to 42.0)b
  • ap<0.02 vs baseline.

  • bp<0.006 vs baseline.