Table 2

Nine-week running programme in minutes per week for the preconditioning group and the control group

Training 1Training 2Training 3Total
Week 111(10)11(10)11(10)3027
Week 221(6)21(6)21(6)3615
Week 342(3)42(4)42(3)4014
Week 462(3)52(3)62(3)5112
Week 562(3)92(2)62(3)5410
Week 682(3)150(1)155(2)699
Week 7102(2)155(2)102(2)709
Week 8300(1)155(2)300(1)905
Week 9300(1)200(1)Sunday 4 miles500
  • The content of each training session is expressed in minutes of running (Run), minutes of walking between the running sessions (Walk) and number of repetitions (rep.). The right column contains total minutes of running and walking of each week.