Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the two groups of athletes

Athletes (n)4646
Age (y)*22.8±2.323.2±1.8
Height (m)*1.79±6.21.78±7.2
Weight (kg)*76.8±11.375.9±12.6
Men/women (n)34/1235/11
Leg involved46
Dominant side (right/left)32/1434/12
Duration of symptoms (mo) (range 6–24 mo)*15±7.2
Tenderness (range 0–3)*1.8±0.9
MRI signal intensity grading (range 0–3)*2.1±0.7
VAS score (range 0–10 cm)*6.9±1.1
Sports activities (n)
 Long-distance runners45
 Long jumpers34
 Soccer players1011
 Rugby players1312
  • * Values are mean and±SD.

  • mo, months; VAS, visual analogue scale.