Table 3

Intraexaminer reliability of the three pain provocation tests in symptomatic athletes

ExaminerTestSideTrial 1; mean±SDTrial 2; mean±SDICC95% CI
POI1.46±0.701.50±0.670.870.79 to 0.94
U0.45±0.230.48±0.230.850.68 to 0.92
BKI2.07±0.652.11±0.700.900.72 to 0.94
U0.19±0.120.20±0.130.880.74 to 0.96
MBKI2.09±0.662.11±0.680.930.88 to 0.97
U0.09±0.080.08±0.100.900.82 to 0.94
POI1.41±0.681.43±0.720.890.69 to 0.96
U0.40±0.260.44±0.240.860.79 to 0.92
BKI2.10±0.712.06±0.660.880.81 to 0.94
U0.17±0.150.19±0.180.850.78 to 0.96
MBKI2.10±0.702.13±0.760.900.85 to 0.93
U0.10±0.070.11±0.080.880.83 to 0.96
  • BK, bent-knee stretch test; I, involved side; ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient; MBK, modified bent-knee stretch test; PO, Puranen–Orava test; U, uninvolved side; UPB, unilateral pelvic bridging test.