Table 4

Sensitivity, specificity, predictive values and likelihood ratios of the three pain provocation tests

PO testBK testMBK test
Value95% CIValue95% CIValue95% CI
Sensitivity0.760.61 to 0.870.840.71 to 0.930.890.76 to 0.96
Specificity0.820.68 to 0.920.870.73 to 0.950.910.79 to 0.97
PPV0.810.66 to 0.910.860.73 to 0.940.910.78 to 0.97
NPV0.770.63 to 0.880.850.71 to 0.930.890.76 to 0.96
Likelihood ratio positive4.26.510.2
Likelihood ratio negative0.290.180.12
  • BK, bent-knee stretch test; MBK, modified bent-knee stretch test; NPV, negative predictive value; PO, Puranen–Orava test; PPV, positive-predictive value; UPB, unilateral pelvic bridging test.