Table 1

Demographic data and x-ray and anthropometric data availability by group

ASC (n=22)GTPS (n=29)GTR (n=31)OA (n=20)
Age (years): mean (SD)*51.6(10.19)52.2 (12.85)55.7 (9.13)62.0 (13.28)
Duration of symptom: mean (SD, months)061.9 (60.2)44.4 (37.4)40.3 (43.9)
X-ray reports20/2228/2931/3120/20
X-ray images20/2228/2921/3120/20
Anthropometric data22/2228/2930/3120/20
  • ACS, asymptomatic control group; GTPS, greater trochanteric pain syndrome group; GTR, gluteal tendon reconstruction group; OA, hip osteoarthritis group.

  • * p<0.05, one way analysis of variance.

  • No group difference between the symptomatic groups. The GTR group data are for the 11 prospectively enrolled participants. The remaining GTR participants were evaluated a mean of 22 months postoperatively.

  • Missing x-rays: one ASC and one GTPS participant did not consent to x-ray; X-ray imaging was missing for one ASC and 10 GTR participants. X-ray or MRI reports were available for all participants confirming the status of the joint.