Table 4

Canonical (discriminant) loading

Dimension 1
Adiposity measures
 Waist girth0.28
Hip girth0.53
GT girth0.50
 Waist girth to hip girth−0.10
 Waist girth to GT girth−0.01
Bony measures
 NoF angle−0.19
 Acetabulum width (A:B)0.08
Superior GT width (A:C)0.34
 Lateral GT width (A:D))0.14
 Superior to lateral GT (C:D)−0.28
  • BMI, body mass index; GT, greater trochanter; NoF, neck of femur.

  • Refer to text for descriptions of A–D. As the measures of adiposity and pelvic width at the GT are all positive with hip girth, superior GT girth and BMI loading the dimension the most (in bold). Dimension 1 was interpreted to be the combination of gluteofemoral adiposity and width of the superior GT.