Table 2

Description of studies

StudyTimingNInterventionLength (weeks)Primary outcomeOther outcomes
Aerobic exercise only
 Courneya et al, 2003After53Supervised aerobic
15Aerobic fitness
Aerobic fitness (GXT; VO2 and PO at VE
O2/VE CO2); body composition
(BW, BMI, sum of skinfolds)
 Daley et al, 2007After18Supervised aerobic or
8 (F/U 24)NASelf-reported PA; aerobic fitness
(SSWT); body composition (BW, %BF)
 Drouin et al, 2005During20Home-based aerobic
7Aerobic fitness
(VO2peak); fatigue
 Irwin et al, 2009After75Supervised +
home-based aerobic
24NABody composition (BW, WC, HC, BF,
 Kim et al, 2006During41Supervised aerobic8RHR, Max HR,
RBP, Max BP;
aerobic fitness (VO2peak)
Self-reported PA; adherence
 Matthews et al, 2007After36Home-based aerobic
12NASelf-reported PA; body composition
(BW, BF)
 Mock et al, 1994During14Home-based aerobic
(walking) + support group
NRNAAerobic fitness (12 MWT); KPS
 Mock et al, 1997During46Home-based aerobic
6NAAerobic fitness (12 MWT); fatigue;
 Mock et al, 2005During119Home-based aerobic
(treatment duration)
FatigueAerobic fitness (12 MWT);
self-reported PA
 Nikander et al, 2007During30Supervised +
home-based aerobic
12Figure 8 running,
Aerobic fitness (2 km walk time); self-
reported PA; ground reaction forces
 Pinto et al, 2003After24Supervised aerobic12NAAerobic fitness (GXT): BP and HR
(resting, 75 W and maximal W)
 Pinto et al, 2005After86Home-based aerobic12 (F/U 24–36)Aerobic fitness
(1-mile walk)
Self-reported and objective PA;
body composition (BMI, BW, BF)
 Rogers et al, 2009After41Supervised to home-based
aerobic (walking)
12FeasibilityAerobic fitness (submaximal exercise
test); self-reported PA; strength; body
composition (BMI, WC, HC, BF, BMD)
 Segal et al, 2001During123Supervised or home-based
aerobic (walking)
26NAAerobic fitness (mCAFT); BW
Resistance exercise only
 Schmitz et al, 2005After85Supervised resistance52Body composition
(%BF and LBM)
Body composition (BW, BMI, BF, WC);
fasting glucose, insulin, insulin resistance,
IGF-axis proteins
 Schmitz et al, 2009After141Supervised resistance52Change in arm/hand
Lymphoedema exacerbation; strength,
body composition (BW, BMI, %BF, FM,
LBM); self-reported PA
 Twiss et al, 2009After223Home-based resistance104 (F/U 156)BMDStrength; balance; falls incidence
Aerobic and/or resistance exercise
 Battaglini et al, 2007During20Supervised aerobic +
16NABody composition (%LBM, & %BF);
 Campbell et al, 2005During22Supervised (group) aerobic +
12NAAerobic fitness (12 MWT); self-reported
PA; fatigue
 Courneya et al, 2007During242Supervised aerobic or
supervised resistance
(3-arm trial)
~17 (chemotherapy
NAAerobic fitness (VO2max); strength; body
composition (BW, BF, LBM); lymphoedema;
chemotherapy completion
et al, 2008
During90Home-based aerobic +
resistance (mail/phone)
24FeasibilityBody composition (BW, BMI, WC, BF,
FM, LBM, BMD); self-reported PA and
accelerometer data
 Herrero et al, 2005After16Supervised aerobic +
8NAAerobic fitness (VO2peak) strength; sit-
stand test; body composition (BW, FM,
 Heim et al, 2007During63Home-based aerobic
(walking) + resistance
Inpatient rehabilitation
duration (F/U 12)
NAAerobic fitness (step test) strength;
 Ligibel et al, 2008After82Home-based aerobic +
supervised resistance
16Fasting insulin
Body composition (BW, BMI, WC, HC,
BF); adherence
 Milne et al, 2008After58Supervised aerobic +
12 (F/U 18–24)NAAerobic fitness (submaximal cycle test)
strength; fatigue
 Mutrie et al, 2007During203Supervised (group)
aerobic + resistance
12 (F/U 24)NAAerobic fitness (12 MWT); BMI; shoulder
mobility test
 Nieman et al, 1995During16Supervised aerobic +
8Natural killer cell
cytotoxic activity
Aerobic fitness (6 MWT, HR at fixed
submaximal load); strength
 Schwartz et al, 2007During66Home-based aerobic or
resistance (3-arm trial)
24BMDAerobic fitness (12 MWT); strength
 Yuen and Sword, 2007After22Home-based aerobic or
resistance (3-arm trial)
12FatigueAerobic fitness (6 MWT)
  • Timing, is in relation to adjuvant treatment; NA, used if primary outcome was a psychosocial outcome, self-reported usual physical activity, or was not identified.

  • 6 MWT, 6-minute walk test; 12 MWT, 12-minute walk test; BC, body composition; BF, body fat; BMC, bone mineral content; BMD, bone mineral density; BMI, body mass index; BP, blood pressure; BW, body weight; F/U, follow-up; FM, fat mass; GXT, graded exercise test; HC, hip circumference; HR, heart rate; KPS, Karnofsky Performance Status Scale; LBM, lean body mass; mCAFT, Modified Canadian Aerobic Fitness Test; PA, physical activity; PO, power output; RBP, resting blood pressure; RHR, resting heart rate; SSWT, single stage walk test; Sup, supervised; VE O2/VE CO2, ventilatory equivalent for oxygen/ventilatory equivalent for carbon dioxide; VO2, oxygen consumption; W, watts; WC, waist circumference.