Table 1

Baseline characteristics for the participants

Age (years)47(10)46(10)45(10)46(10)46(10)
Height (cm)174(9)173(10)175(9)175(9)174(9)
Weight (kg)77(15)75(18)78(15)80(16)77(16)
BMI (kg/m2)25.2(4.0)24.7(4.3)25.3(3.7)26.1(4.5)25.3(4.1)
Pain intensity in the neck previous 3 months (scale 0–9)3.32(2.25)3.13(2.41)3.05(2.30)3.24(2.26)3.18(2.30)
Pain intensity in the right shoulder previous 3 months (scale 0–9)2.22(2.32)2.32(2.38)1.88(2.22)2.01(2.39)2.09(2.33)
Pain intensity in the left shoulder previous 3 months (scale 0–9)1.50(2.05)1.75(2.28)1.75(2.18)1.50(1.92)1.63(2.15)
DASH (scale 0–100)12(16)13(18)10(16)11(14)12(16)
  • DASH, Disability in Arms, Shoulders and Hands; 1WS, 1 h training once a week; 3WS, 20 min training three times a week; 9WS, 7 min training nine times a week; REF. reference group.