Table 1

Description of the interview participants

Expert groupInclusion criteriaPerspectiven
WC athletesTop 15 athletes’ WC rankingAll disciplines (‘Allrounder’) (n=7)n=11
Speed disciplines only (n=3)
Technical disciplines only (n=1)
WC coachesTop 8 nations’ WC rankingHead coaches (n=8)n=19
Group coaches (n=11)
Officials/race organisersResponsible for WC coursesFIS race directors (n=5)n=11
TD (WC organizer) (n=5)
Slope engineer (n=1)
Representatives ski equipment companiesTop 5 WC ranking of ski equipment suppliersHead engineers (n=5)n=10
Service-men (n=5)
Topic specific expertsExpert with a superior specific backgroundScience (n=3)n=10
Expert ski equipment (n=1)
Expert safety equipment course (n=1)
Expert snow preparation (n=1)
Expert physical training (n=1)
Expert youth ski racing (n=1)
Disabled former WC athlete (n=1)
Parent of severely injured WC athlete (n=1)
  • FIS, International Ski Federation; TD, Technical Delegated; WC, World Cup.