Table 3

Risk Factor Analysis: perceived injury risk factor categories derived from the interviews within the basic categories Athelte, Course, Equipment and Snow (in alphabetic order)

 Aspects of body temperature Poor visibility
 Athlete's adaptability Course maintenance during race
 Athlete's crash behaviour Course setting in general
 Athlete's individual responsibility Jumps
 Athlete's race preparation Level of course difficulty
 Fatigue Safety net position and spill zone
 Genetics and anthropometry Speed and course setting aspects
 Physical aspects Speed and topographic aspects
 Psychological aspects Speed in general
 Preinjury aspects Topography in general
 Skiing technique and tactics
 Binding/plate Aggressive snow conditions
 Gates (panels and poles) Changing snow conditions
 Protectors and helmets Smooth snow surface
 Racing suits Techniques of snow preparation
 Ski boot
 System ski, plate, binding, boot