Table 4

Risk Factor Rating (RFR): experts’ priorities of perceived key injury risk factor categories regarding their potential impact on injury risk

Perceived priorityPotential key injury risk factorMentions in RFRRankMean rank RFRRank∑ Rank points
1System ski, plate, binding, boot2211.7323
2Changing snow conditions1721.7946
3Speed and course setting aspects962.00713
4Physical aspects691.92615
4Speed in general1142.231115
6Techniques of snow preparation962.281218
7Aggressive snow conditions882.311321
7Skiing technique and tactics3161.83521
10Athletes’ race preparation2201.75323
10Preinjury aspects1221.00123
12Bad visibility3162.00824
12Speed and topographic aspects5102.601424
15Course setting in general5102.902030
15Gates (panels and poles)5102.902030
17Athletes’ individual responsibility3162.671531
17Psychological aspects1222.00931
17Racing suit3162.671531
20Level of course difficulty1222.001032
22Safety net position and spill zone4142.881933
23Ski boot2202.751737
25Protectors and helmets1224.502547
  • Mentions in RFR: number of subjects which mentioned a specific factor to have superior impact on injury risk (key risk factor). Mean rank RFR: mean value of the ranks given to a specific key risk factor by the experts. A low mean rank means high priority.