Table 4

Best* Test Combinations and Reported Value for Various Pathologies

Test CombinationPathologyLead AuthorSensitivitySpecificityPositive LRNegative LR
Passive Distraction and Active CompressionSLAPSchlecter4570907.00.11
Compression-rotation AND Apprehension AND SpeedType II SLAPOh5525923.130.82
Anterior Slide AND CrankLabral TearWalsworth4434913.750.73
Apprehension AND RelocationLabral TearGuanche6638935.430.67
Age>39, Painful Arc, Self-report of Popping or ClickingSupraspinatus TendinopthyChew32 ≥ 2 positive tests; 3 positive tests75, 3881, 993.82, 32.200.32, 0.63
Age≥65 AND Weakness in ER (Infraspinatus Test) AND Night PainRC TearLitaker6749959.840.54
Hawkins-Kennedy, Neer, Painful Arc, Empty Can, Resisted ERSubacromial impingementMichener24; ≥ 3 positive tests75742.930.34
Lift-off and/or Resisted IRSubscapularis Tendinopathy; Subscapularis TearNaredo53; Naredo5350, 5084, 953.13, 10.00.60, 0.53
Apprehension AND RelocationAnterior InstabilityFarber68819839.680.19
  • * Best is defined as the highest sensitivity, specificity, or both from the studies with the least bias.