Table 1

Mean±SD and Cohen's d for turn averages and peak values of selected parameters related to injury risk at two different course settings

26/10 m course (mean±SD)26/12 m course (mean±SD)Effect sizes (Cohen's d)
Turn averages
 vCOM(Turn) (m/s)17.63±0.2317.47±0.320.564
 Fcp(Turn) (N/BW)1.14±0.031.18±0.041.000
 dFore/Aft(Turn) (m)0.12±0.040.08±0.031.011
 λLean(Turn) (°)42.5±0.343.4±0.7*1.643
Peak values
 vCOM(max) (m/s)18.14±0.2118.09±0.310.174
 Fcp(max) (N/BW)2.17±0.202.21±0.190.199
 dFore/Aft(min) (m)−0.08±0.03−0.11±0.040.874
 λLean(max) (°)58.6±1.858.9±1.10.187
  • *p<0.05, **p<0.001, significantly different from 26/10 m course.

  • d≈0.20, small effect size; d≈0.50, medium effect size; d≈0.80, large effect size.

  • COM, centre of mass; dFore/Aft, fore/aft position; Fcp, relative centripetal force; λLean, lean angle; vCOM, COM speed.