Table 3

Demographics of athlete participation relative to the Bethesda and ESC guidelines

Against ESC but within BethesdaContrary to both ESC and Bethesdap Value
Number of patients7060
Age at diagnosis (years)11±712±6NS
Sex (male/female)41/2929/31NS
Average QTc (ms)444±23501±46<0.0001
 LQT141 (59%)33 (55%)NS
 LQT220 (29%)21 (35%)NS
 LQT38 (11%)3 (5%)NS
 Multiple1 (1%)3 (5%)NS
History of symptoms1 (1%)28 (47%)<0.0001
β-Blockers55 (79%)57 (95%)<0.008
ICD020 (33%)<0.0001
Follow-up available (years)5.1±2.95.0±3.0NS
  • Ages, QTc at diagnosis and follow-up are reported as mean±SD.

  • ESC, European Society of Cardiology; ICD, implantable cardioverter defibrillators; LQT, long QT.