Table 1

Summary of studies that report prevalence of PFJ OA after ACLR using an established radiographic classification system

Radiological methodsPFJ OA prevalence (%)
StudyNFollow-up age (years) (mean±SD;(range))PFJ viewWBKnee angle (°)Grading systemACLR delay (months) (mean±SD; (range))Years since ACLR (mean (range))MildMod.Severe
Ahn et al1511739 (27–61)Merchantno45IKDC43±5710 (8–13)4993
Bourke et al28*11841 (29–77)Skylineyes30IKDC76% were <3 months15 (14–17)1101
Breitfuss et al174130TangentialNRNRFairbankChronic deficiency225 (≥ Mild)NANA
Cohen et al18*6238 (26–57)Merchantno45Fairbank16 (0.5–96)11 (10–15)52230
Hertel et al296742 (22–66)SkylineyesNRIKDC11 (0–152)11 (9–12)6130
Jarvela et al1910038 (22–68)Merchantno45IKDC20 (0–240)7 (5–9)34121
Keays et al20 21*†5627 (18–38)Skylineno40Modified KL34±386 (5–7)3600
Li et al2224934±18Merchantno45KL19 (0–308)8 (2–20)1010
Lohmander et al83131 (26–40)Skylineyes40OARSI36 (0–132)9 (1–12)20 (≥ Mild)NANA
Murray et al23*8343 (26–69)SkylineyesNRIKDC30 (0–312)1365101
Neuman et al7*2242 (31–59)Skylineyes50OARSI48 (4–132)12 (5–16)47(≥ Mild)NANA
Salmon et al274940 (38 to 41)§Skylineyes30IKDC54% were <3 months132600
Sajovic et al265430 (19–51)Lateralyes30IKDC24 (1–84)51720
  • *Studies that excluded those with pre-operative radiographic OA in either compartment.

  • †The two papers by Keays et al20 ,21 are reported as one study cohort as the same group of participants were used and same prevalence reported in both papers.

  • §Median (95% CI).

  • ACLR delay, time between anterior cruciate ligament injury and anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction; IKDC, International Knee Documentation Committee; KL, Kellgren and Lawrence; N, number of participants with x-rays at follow-up; NA, not applicable; NR, not reported; OA, osteoarthritis; OARSI, Osteoarthritis Research Society International; PFJ, patellofemoral joint; WB, weight-bearing.