Table 1

Psychometric properties of scaled components of the SCAT2

Scaled componentReliabilitySensitivitySpecificityMeasures of difference/change
Symptom Scale5 29 30–340.88–0.940.64–0.890.91–1.03–5×Baseline symptoms at time of injury; reliable change indicated as 6–8 points on severity scale
Standardised Assessment of Concussion (SAC)7 36 38–42 650.42–0.710.80–0.94*0.76–0.912–4 Points lower at time of injury relative to baseline
Balance Error Scoring System (BESS)† 26 45 47 48 64 66 380.54–0.980.34–0.640.91Concussion vs control BESS score typically elevated 6–9 points; Overall BESS typically elevated 3–6 points from baseline at time of injury
  • *Sensitivity highest within 48 h of injury.

  • †Balance Error Scoring System studies used both firm and foam surfaces (the SCAT2 only incorporates the firm surfaces).

  • SCAT2, Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 2.