Table 4

Pharmacotherapy for persistent post-traumatic headache

PaperStudy type/settingSubject characteristicsTreatmentFindings/results
Weiss et al66Case series14 Mild TBI and 7 whiplash injury patients diagnosed with migraines postinjuryPropranolol and/or amitriptyline‘Dramatic reduction’ in the frequency and severity of headaches in 70%
McBeath and Nanda67Case series34 Patients referred to headache clinic with headache as part of a postconcussion syndromeRepeat intravenous dihydroergotamine and metoclopramideReported a good-to-excellent response in 29 of 34 patients. Also noted improvement in memory symptoms, sleep disturbance and dizziness
Packard68Retrospective cohort100 Patients with chronic daily headache of between 2 and 6 months duration following mild TBIValproate60% Reported mild-to-moderate improvement after 1 month of treatment. The remaining 40% either showed no response (26%) or stopped treatment because of side effects
  • TBI, traumatic brain injury.