TableĀ 5

Incidence rate and incidence proportion of illness for each primary system during the competition period

Number of illnessesIR95% CIIP
Haematological and immune system30.080.02 to 0.220.1
Circulatory system10.030.00 to 0.140.01
Skin and subcutaneous tissue912.321.87 to 2.852.5
Ears and mastoid320.820.56 to 1.150.9
Digestive system741.891.48 to 2.372.0
Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disease80.200.09 to 0.400.2
Nervous system441.120.82 to 1.511.2
Mental and behavioural disorders70.180.07 to 0.370.2
Respiratory system1383.522.96 to 4.163.8
Genitourinary system380.970.69 to 1.331.0
Eye and adnexa360.50.31 to 0.790.5
Other infections and parasitic disease200.10.01 to 0.180.4
Other symptoms and signs, and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings20.90.64 to 1.270.1
Specific medical conditions related to sports70.20.07 to 0.370.1
All illnesses50112.8011.7 to 13.910.2
  • IP, incidence proportion (%); IR, incidence rate (injuries per 1000 athlete-days) with 95% CI.