Table 2

Comparison of all the formulas characterised by three round of 3 min each in the last six decades of amateur boxing

3×3 old-old (1952–1963)3×3 old (1964–1984)3×3 head guard (1984–1997)3×3 new (2009–2011)
RSCI (%)0.72±0.842.42±2.51*0.60±0.98**1.45±1.21
RSCH (%)0.00±0.01.69±4.544.92±5.31*,**0.91±1.19***
RSC (%)7.06±6.1410.48±5.4413.05±7.77*6.29±4.47***
KO (%)7.55±4.435.94±5.733.78±3.99*,**0.70±0.89*,**,***
Points (%)78.76±6.7773.68±9.8570.66±10.34*84.92±5.84**,***
RSCH+RSC+KO (%)14.61±4.7118.11±9.0321.75±10.70*7.89±4.76*,**,***
  • *p<0.05 in comparison with 3×3 old-old.

  • **p<0.05 in comparison with 3×3 old.

  • ***p<0.05 in comparison with 3×3 head guard.

  • KO, knockout; RSC, referee stops contest for any other reason he/she believes opportune (hard blow to the body, lack of stamina, etc); RSCI, RSC due to injury; RSCH, RSC due to heavy head blow(s).