Table 2

Baseline characteristics of the study group in 2008

CharacteristicsControls (n=26)Cases (n=26)p Value
Age (years)25.2 (4.2)25.9 (3.9)0.71
Male gender, n (%)26 (100)26 (100)
BMI (kg/m2)23.2 (0.9)23.7 (1.1)<0.05
Heart rate (beats/min)64.3 (8.1)61.6 (7.4)0.22
Office blood pressure (mm Hg)
 Systolic114.2 (3.8)144.1 (7.5)NC
 Diastolic68.7 (6.4)76.9 (9.0)NC
 Mean arterial pressure83.9 (5.0)99.3 (6.3)<0.001
 Pulse pressure45.6 (5.6)67.2 (12.0)<0.001
Race or ethnic group (n)
Age group (years)
  • Values are shown as the mean (SD) or n (%). p is related to the t test for continuous versus categorical variables, and to Fisher's exact test for categorical variables. NC indicates not computed, because office systolic and diastolic blood pressure values were used to categorise the participants.

  • BMI, body mass index.