Table 3

Comparison of injury rates in matches with short (three or less days) or long (four or more days) recovery before the match

 >3 days’ recovery≤3 days’ recoveryRR95% CIp Value
All injuries
 League28.327.81.020.93 to 1.110.713
 UCL33.930.41.110.95 to 1.310.193
 EL30. to 2.080.365
 Other cup27.426.01.050.87 to 1.280.607
Muscle injuries
 League11.410.31.110.96 to 1.280.151
 UCL13.511.41.180.91 to 1.540.208
 EL8.99.00.990.40 to 2.460.977
 Other cup11. to 1.670.205
Ligament injuries
 League5.25.30.980.79 to 1.200.819
 UCL5. to 1.480.983
 EL3.64.00.880.21 to 3.730.867
 Other cup5. to 1.810.542
  • EL, Europa League; RR, rate ratio; UCL, UEFA Champions League.

  • Injury rate is expressed as the number of injuries per 1000 h of match exposure.