Table 4

Comparison of injury rates in matches with short (four or less days) or long (six or more days) recovery before the match

≤4 days’ recovery≥6 days’ recoveryRR95% CIp Value
All injuries
 League29. to 1.180.045
 UCL33. to 1.750.290
 EL24.737.90.650.41 to 1.030.064
 Other cup27.823.61.180.94 to 1.470.153
Muscle injuries
 League11.99.01.321.15 to 1.51<0.001
 UCL13.17.91.660.85 to 3.240.135
 EL8.216.50.500.25 to 1.010.055
 Other cup10. to 1.830.218
Ligament injuries
 League5.05.60.900.75 to 1.090.292
 UCL5.77.00.810.39 to 1.670.567
 EL3.78.20.450.17 to 1.250.126
 Other cup5.63.11.841.03 to 3.300.041
  • EL, Europa League; RR, rate ratio; UCL, UEFA Champions League.

  • Injury rate is expressed as the number of injuries per 1000 h of match exposure.